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Wild pokemon appeared... again by Lyar0
Wild pokemon appeared... again
Maybe its just my luck within the game but many times it has happened that I walk into a single patch of grass just to find myself sorrounded by many pokémons one after another,  I thought I would never get out of that single piece of fraudulent grass. 

Probably this happened because they all liked me and the way to show their love was to appear and  not letting me advance one single pixel or the RNG having his usual sadistic fun with me. 
Once upon a time at Gamefreak by Lyar0
Once upon a time at Gamefreak
This also applies to Farfetch D,  Delibird, unown or any other pokemon pretty much useless at battle.

I felt pretty bad calling luvdisc trash because she is quite cute and its family gives you a lot of heartscales, but then again thats pretty much the only thing she is useful at so...

Also that guy was supposed to be Junichi Masuda otherwise known as the dude who is pretty much on charge of making the games, but he quite of dresses like a biker or rockstar so it would look strange if someone with that look was to take such decisions. So now he has a super detailed quality bussiness guy suit, so anyone can understand :D
Smash mewtwo! by Lyar0
Smash mewtwo!
They wanted to create the perfect being and they succeeded... quite, they somehow  forgot to feed him well or put something inside him other than air.
I mean the thing is barely heavier than jigglypuff! A FREAKING BALLON!. This only applies to smash because in the games he weights something around 260 lbs.

They really thought it would be a great idea to make pikachu weight look like  snorlax when compared to mewtwo. Oh an the trophy explanation is just the icing, it says something along the lines of using his psychic powers to make himself lighter, because of course the most intelligent entity in the game would think that dying earlier is the best strategy. Now weighing the same as a pencil makes you less prone to combos... when you are tiny of course, mewtwo is not. 

Maybe his weigh will get patched eventually so this comic will make no sense for the future generations, so just a note for people of the future : As of patch 1.0.9 the ultimate being,  the psychic ultra powerful mewtwo  was lighter than a mouse, a 2-D drawing, a kirby, a dog, an astronaut not bigger than an inch  and mother cosmos just to put it into perspective.   
Super Training by Lyar0
Super Training
Maybe is just me but I have to train my pokemon from the very start without the use of dishonorable things like exp. share. By such my breeds have to prove their worth destroying those low born savages with just 1 mere level. Though sometimes they just die or those wildlings give me the EVs I dont need so I have to draw on less honourable ways like Super Training.  Anyway I don`t think putting your newborn into a battlefield or a soccer game for the matter could be that effective strengthening their spirits and not scarring them for life.
And no I haven`t heard anything about the blasphemous copy pasting panels with subtle changes.



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